Fun & Games


Pecan Pie Game

Game where you cook a perfect pecan pie!

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Game where you make a delicious chocolate pecan pie!

Match The Nuts
Two of these pecans belong together - can you find which two are exactly alike?

All Mixed (Nuts) Up
Can you unscramble these nutty terms?

Ha Ha Ha!!!!
Use the special code provided to figure out the punch lines to these hilarious jokes.

Pecan Puppet
Who says pecans can't talk? Follow these instructions to make your own pecan puppet.

Kid Friendly Recipes
Delicious, no-bake pecan treats.

Nutty songs and Rhymes
Grab a friend and have a sing along - you'll find a few nutty twists on these old favorites.

Dot to Dot
Connect the dots to seeĀ a super treat.

Search By Zip Code

Enter your zip code to view pecan sources
approximately within 50 miles of your location.