Lesson Plans

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Language Arts lesson plan 1

The learner will demonstrate an understanding that parts of words can be used to decode and to gain meaning of larger words.

Language Arts lesson plan 2

We're Going Nuts!

Students will demonstrate the ability to state likenesses and differences between pecans and peanuts, both agricultural products of North Carolina.

Language Arts lesson plan 3

Shelling a Pecan

Students will be able to describe the action of shelling a pecan in an informational writing assignment.

Science lesson plan


Students will demonstrate the ability to classify a set of objects based on physical attributes.

Social Studies lesson plan

Worldwide Communities.

The learner will explore various worldwide communities.

Computer Skills Lesson Plan Ideas

Various ideas for Computer Skills lesson plans.

Healthful Living lesson plan 1


The learner will demonstrate understanding of proper nutrition by researching, preparing, serving, and eating healthy dishes prepared with pecans.

Healthful Living lesson plan 2

Healthy Habits

The learner will demonstrate understanding and practice of healthy habits.

Math lesson plan 1

In  A Nutshell

The learner will demonstrate the ability to estimate similar volumes using agricultural commodities.

Math lesson plan 2

How Old Will You Be?

The learner will use information, reasoning, and a calculator to solve a math calculation related to age.

Math lesson plan 3

Aunt Betty's Cake

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the fraction 1⁄2.

Math lesson plan 4


Students will demonstrate the ability to study shapes and match like objects.

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